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How To Double Your Instagram Following In 90 Days

I try to get every client I work with to start an Instagram account. Why? Because it’s super easy, it’s free (and I love free), and if you take just a few minutes to engage with your audience, you can cultivate a sizable following.

But it’s not about the numbers. When you build relationships with your audience,not only does it increase product sales (which is ultimately what you want), but you also attract business owners into your membership community. It’s a no-brainer really.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Posted one image every single day for 90 days;
  2. Posted at a similar time each day;
  3. Use hashtags to make it easier for people to find your content;
  4. Learn how to take better photos;
  5. Form Instagram engagement pods with other business owners;
  6. Create a posting schedule (use apps like Mosaico) to plan your content.

Read the article linked in step 5 (don’t worry, it’s short). I started my very first PR Networking group on Facebook to set this step into motion.

Create a boost group on Facebook and have a daily thread. Ask members of the boost group to comment with a direct link to their latest Instagram post. Require each person who posts to comment on the five links above theirs.

Stop by and join the group: The Savvy Guide to PR & Networking. We’ll be sharing our social media channels to network and generate lots of buzz to increase our audience. Stay tuned because I’m going to publish a follow up article and give you some case study results.