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Website Design

We love designing websites.

We offer new website setup & design or a website redesign. We will update or add local SEO and integrate social media buttons to your social media channels. Our roots are grounded in website design and development. This is, after all, the digital age and your customers are visual. We develop clean, user-friendly designs with a clear “call to action” for your customers.

What To Expect From Us

✓ Custom Designs

We do not use website design templates. We work with our customers to develop a design that appeals to your audience, that is visually appealing, and that will grow with your business.

✓ Brand Identity

Your website design must convey a friendly and cohesive look but it should also communicate your brand identity online. Web traffic and brand building is our ultimate objective.

✓ Responsive Design

The majority of your customers are viewing your website from mobile devices. Is your website mobile-friendly? If you do not currently have a responsive website design, it isn’t mobile-friendly and your ranking is likely being penalized by Google.

✓ We Go The Extra Mile

We optimize your images to improve your website’s load time, add traffic analytics features, and add website security features to protect your website from failure and hackers.

Mobile Friendly

Responsive Web Design

✓ We use a simple design theme that adapts to mobile devices with a simple and clear structure for user-friendly navigation menus

✓ Your website comes mobile-user ready and will shine no matter what device your customers use

✓ We study changing design trends and work to improve your website’s optimal quality, performance, and reliability

Starting April 21, 2015, Google is now penalizing sites that are not responsive.

With the introduction of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, it is important for you to know the answer to this question … What is “website responsiveness”?This term refers to how well your website reads and flows on mobile devices. Go ahead and look yours up from your smartphone. If your website is more than 5 years old, it probably doesn’t look very much like it does from your desktop.

Google developers explain how your website’s analytics will be affected if your website is not responsive.

We can help with that. Our design specialists have the tools to redesign your old website to function just as easily for your customers on their mobile devices as it would from their desktop computers. We will also integrate all those social media platforms that you just created so that your customers can easily find and follow you and your Social Media Marketing plan will be more effective.

General Pricing

What Does It Cost To Build A Website

Custom Wedding Websites – $150

We work exclusively with Jo’s Paper Kitchen to design a custom wedding website to match your wedding invitation designs. Visit our portfolio to view a few of the wedding websites we’ve already designed or take a look at this demo site.

Landing Page – $500 – $750

A landing page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective. Many landing pages have a distinct objective to sell a product or service and may not have any global navigation to tie it to your primary website. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal. Another common use for a landing page is for a single page website. For example many small business and churches do not have much content to share and may not need multiple pages. In cases like this a one page website may be all you need.

Basic Website – $1,250 – $2,500

The most common type of websites we build are small 8-10 page websites that act as an online brochure with some additional functionality such as calendars, custom forms, sliders and blogs. It will serve to help brand and market your company, showcase your products and services and inspire sales as a lead generating tool. All our sites use the latest standards to allow your site to look the same on nearly every computer/device.

Mid-size Website – $3,000 – $6,000

These websites usually consist of many pages and custom functionality not found in the standard WordPress CMS. Many membership and real estate listing sites can be created within this price range depending upon the level of functionality and design. Although these sites do have custom design work, more expensive elements like CMLS Membership functions and restricted pages will affect pricing

eCommerce – $6,000 – $20,000+

Basically an eCommerce site is like a normal website but with a lot of added functionality and third party services such as merchant accounts and SSL Certificates. But the prices can vary greatly depending on the number of products, integration with 3rd party services and custom functionality required for the shop. For basic eCommerce websites, our pricing starts at $6,000 and scales up from there. Generally most of our clients with eCommerce needs, also need guidance, education, and >set up with the following:
>SSL selection, purchase
>Merchant Account Setup
>Payment Processor Setup
>Shipping Setup – Including >coordination/setup of accounts
>Transactional Email

Advance Mock-ups – $850+

Usually we agree on a direction and we design it along the way based on our initial discussion. If you require a mockup to approve in advance, we charge $850 for a homepage mockup, then, $210 for first inner page, and $84 per page after that. Each hour of revisions is $150 per hour. We will include these additional charges in the estimate if requested.

When determining the budget for your website design or redesign project, it is important to take the costs into consideration. However, the costs of your website project are not the only factors influencing the profit that you are able to make from your site. As mobile internet usage continues to surge, designing for mobile users is imperative. Investing money in creating a responsive Web design may allow you to make future conversions and profits that outweigh the initial cost of redesigning you site.

Different customers need different website features. A website for personal use versus a business website can vary greatly in cost depending on the level of design and functionality needed by your specific purpose.

We offer a complimentary consultation to determine your website design needs. We will craft an initial proposal based on the consultation. Estimates are based on the number of hours that will be spent on your site’s design, development, maintenance, communication and any other overall costs associated with your project. It is important to have a good idea of the features that you would like for your site to include and where you will be obtaining your site’s content. If you don’t know where to begin don’t worry, we can walk you through the basics and help get you started on the path that is right for you.

Contact Us

Fill out the form on the bottom of this page briefly describing what you are looking for.

What if I don’t have a design already?

No worries. Many of our clients prefer we come up with the design. We just need a list of the pages and sub-pages (including # of products if eCommerce), design features, and functions (e.g. custom contact form, eCommerce, blog, etc). Then include 3 of your favorite websites and what design elements you like about them. That is usually enough to help us get started.


A brief conversation via phone, Skype or email is all it typically takes to determine if we’re a good fit for each other.


We review your information get you an estimated number of hours required to complete this project within 2 business days.

Do you include mock ups for me to review?

Usually we agree on a direction and we design it along the way based on our initial discussion. If you require a mock up to approve in advance, we charge $850 for a homepage mock-up, then, $210 for first inner page, and $84 per page after that. Each hour of revisions is $150 per hour. We will include these additional charges in the estimate if requested.


Once you have approved our estimate, we receive final images, content and deposit, we create a schedule. Projects typically start about 5 business days later and the default time frame is 4-6 weeks.


A deposit of 50% of the estimate is required to start the project. Upon completion of the project, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.

Initial Development

We build your WordPress site on our development server.


We receive your feedback and make revisions until you are 100% satisfied with our results.

Launching The Site

We will invoice you for the balance of unpaid hours on this project and once that payment is received, we will move the website to it’s final destination.


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