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Product Review: WM Capture

Before reading this product review, please view our General Disclaimer. I was recently given this product to test and review. I did not receive any compensation for this review.

For more details about this product, it’s features, and pricing, please visit the developer’s website through this link.


What is WM Capture?

My Review

I had the opportunity to use the product to record a couple of webinars that I knew I wouldn’t have the spare time to sit through when they were airing as well as a Google Hangout Video conference call for my business partner that he suddenly had to miss due to a family emergency. It does what it says. I like that you are able to select the area of your desktop screen for it to record. For my video call, I had the Hangout video chat area (that I wanted to record) on one half of my screen and I was typing notes from the call in a Word document on the other half of the screen. Before the call started, I only selected the video call half so that my business partner wouldn’t have to see the notes I was typing on the other half of the screen. I probably should have had a headpiece with a microphone right at my mouth for the call, because although my video camera on my computer does have a microphone in it, WM Capture didn’t pick up my voice very well. The audio and video quality of the client’s side that was on-screen was perfect. The audio and video quality of the webinars I recorded were also perfect.

I have corresponded via email with the customer support staff regarding the product, how to install it, and various other questions and they have been highly prompt in their response time usually within 30 minutes and helpful with the information they provide.

At the time of this review, the developer is offering a free trial version with the full version being offered for direct download for $39. I consider that a reasonable price for this product.

If there is a feature of this product that you would like me to comment about, please email me and I will update this review.